Abrasives and GrindingOpen Joint Stock Company “Research and Production Complex “Abrasives and Grinding” is a modern high-performance enterprise for production of superhard materials (synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride) abrasive tools on organic and ceramic bonds. Our tools are widely used for grinding, sharpening, superfinishing and honing.

Our production facilities are located in the North-West of the Russian Federation, in St.-Petersburg. Since 2000 OJSC “Research and Production Complex “Abrasives and Grinding” is the successor of “All-Union Scientific and Research Institute for Abrasives and Grinding” (“VNIIASH”).

Founded in 1931, “VNIIASH” - All-Union Scientific and Research Institute for Abrasives and Grinding - was the only research organization in the Soviet Union and then in Russia and CIS dedicated to the development of new abrasive tools, technologies of their production and application. During the existence of the Institute all the technical documentation for the factories in process of construction and renovation, most part of abrasive materials production and application technological processes was developed. Many developments were awarded by State Prizes, and one of them was synthesis and industrial dissemination of cubic boron nitride (elbor).

Throughout the research and production complex existence our technologists have developed and mastered over 4500 kinds of abrasive tools. Today we do not allow ourselves “to mark time”: developping new types of bonds, purchasing modern equipment, holding staff trainings, our company is constantly striving for enhancement. The complex of such measures and the use of innovative technology enables the manufacture of tools characterized by high performance and durability that ensures economic effect of their application.

Strict compliance with the contractual terms of orders execution and high quality of products have enabled the supply of manufactured tools to leading companies in mechanical engineering, woodworking and oil and gas industry of Russian Federation, neighbouring countries and beyond.

OJSC “RPC “Abrasives and Grinding” is the manufacturer, and that is exactly why we are always open to dialogue with regard to the most acceptable conditions of work with consumers.