Grinding stones

Application: superfinishing and honing of structural alloy and instrumental steels.

Manufacturing methods:

  • semidry shaping of grits F 40 - F 1000
  • cold slip casting of grits F 600 - F 1200

Stones are manufactured:

  • in accordance with GOST 2456-82
  • in accordance with OST 2 И70-10-90, OST 2 И70-8-87 for companies of bearing and automotive industries
  • on customer’s drawings
  • sulfur impregnation is performed in order to increase the flexural strength of stones.

Main types of stones defined in the standard GOST 2456-82
for A and B accuracy classes

Type of stone Type marking Width, mm (B) Height, mm (С) Length, mm (L)
Square stone БКв 5-45 5-45 50-250
Rectangular stone БП 6-50 3-40 25-200
Triangled stone БТ 10,13,16,20,25 100,150

Example of designation of the stones

type B С L material grit size hardness bond structure Method of manufacture Accuracy class
БКв 20 20 150 25А М28 СМ2 К 10 А
БП 50 25 150 64С М7 М3 К Л Б

The approximate dependence of processed material surface
roughness from abrasive stones grit size

Grit size Roughness, Ra, micron
40-25 0,32-1,6
16-10 0,28-1,0
8-М40 0,16-0,63
М28 0,12-0,32
М20-М14 0,08-0,28
М10-М7 0,04-0,10